some questions answered


How many guests are attending the retreat?

We will be a total of maximum 10 people

How many days is the retreat?

8 days including arrival and departure and 7 nights

Weather forecast


The average temperature throughout the retreat dates lingers between 32 and 22 degrees Celsius. 


March is the end of the peak season with lovely warm and dry daytime is around 11 hours on any given day. This gives you plenty of time outside of the Yoga retreat times to spend outdoors by the pool or walking the stunning beaches of Goa, or exploring the souks and various sites of interest.


No rain is forecasted for our stay.

What type of food is included?

The food we offer is Vegetarian and organic. It is so divine that you actually want to eat and delight in.

Packing tips?

I am an India veteran, having travelled around India for the last decade. 

Let me tell you what I will be packing to give you an idea of what you could pack:

  • Yoga clothes, Cotton trousers and lightweight legging, a few tops tops and socks for savasana
  • Loose bohemian type trousers and summer tops
  • A couple of summer dresses
  •  (one jeans and one sporty one)
  • A big lightweight shawl to use as a blanket during our meditation and to wear in the evenings (it gets chilly)
  • A long sleeve lightweight top for the mornings and the evenings
  • Converse, Flip flops, sandals
  • Sun hat, sunscreen, etc…
  • Shampoo, conditioner and my plethora of anti ageing crèmes that pander to my vanity ☺
  • Book, laptop, etc…
  • Yoga mat (we provide one for you but I like to practise on my own mat), water bottle, thermos (for my endless addiction to herbal teas), headphones
  • Adaptor for my charger
  • Lightweight bag to take to the market
  • Bits and bobs 

Shall I bring my Yoga mat?

We will provide a mat, strap and blocks for your practise. But if you like practising on your own mat, please bring it with you.

What type of yoga will we be doing?

Morning Yoga: Vinyasa inspired flow (also called YMD: Yoga movement diversity).

Evening Yoga: Yin or restorative

Afternoon workshop: inversions, arm balances and backbends

Sunset Yoga and meditation: a slow paced Vinyasa lead class 

Meditation (Osho and Chakra meditations)

Pranayama (breath work)

Yoga Nidra