Dee is a yogi and an ever student of the tantric path who dedicated her life to the understanding and the practise of transformation. Her traumatic past and abuse history lead her to the exploration of the sacred magic of erotic healing as a powerful energy for change. She has inspired and helped many women thrive and step into their power.
Dee’s purpose is to serve, to empower, to hold sacred the divine feminine, to journey into the shadows and to always be a student in service of her students.

Dee comes to us with 15+ years of experience in the complex path of personal growth and has made viral the hashtag #dothework. 

Dee trained with the alignment based BWY (British wheel of Yoga), Mike Fitch and Tim Goullet in biomechanics and the anatomy of the body, and the fabulous Layla Martin in sexuality  healing.

Dee is a huge believer in using kundalini breathwork, meditation, classical Hatha and sexual pleasure practises as tools for a greater understanding of self. Through the Philosophy of Tantra and yoga, Dee connects women to the power of their own body and opens their heart to healing.

Dee shares the path of devotion and teaches women the languages of “self-care”, “self-resourcing” and “self-love”.
Dee supports the principle of saddhana: A deep involvement in a mindful and consistent practice to create a uniquely transformative experience.

“Sexual energy works its magic far beyond the plant and animal level. Look at gravity. Gravity is the name we give to the force of mutual attraction that holds the cosmos together, but spiritual teachers throughout the ages have pointed out that magnetic pull is just another name for erotic love.”