Discover your best self through Yoga, Tantra & Love

My wish is not just for you to see how fucking beautiful you are, but to take your beauty skin deep! To fully own and rewrite your narrative, to empower yourself to become the creator of your truest expression...yes yes fucking yes! You have arrived at the portal of, welcome!

Hi, I'm Deemoi

A yogi, writer, artist  and a badass healer dedicated to helping you discover and become the person you most want to be. I'm an ever student of the tantric path and dedicated most of my life to the understanding and practise of transformation. My traumatic past and abuse history lead to the exploration of the sacred magic of erotic healing as a powerful energy for change. I help women heal, thrive and step into their power. 

Studying Yoga, Tantra & sexuality as well as immersing myself in self help programs and therapeutic principles for over 15 years, I found answers about sex and spirituality that blew my mind and opened me up to a whole new level of understanding. 

I trained with the alignment based BWY (British wheel of Yoga), Mike Fitch and Tim Goullet in biomechanics and the anatomy of the body, the philosophy of the eastern mystic traditions, and tantric sexuality with the fabulous Layla Martin.

Now, I’m here to share those learnings with you and teach the languages of “self-care”, “self-resourcing” and “self-love”. Through the Philosophy of Tantra and yoga, I guide you to connect to the power of your own body and open yourself to healing.



I support the principle of saddhana: A deep involvement in a mindful and consistent practice to create a uniquely transformative experience.



Join me on a path of deep transformation around the world

Weekly Women Circles

Come exactly you are and be part of a goddess women circle

Private Yoga Classes

Teaching private yoga movement classes in London


Transformational coaching informed by embodiment and tantric practises  

Erotic Love & Gravity


Sexual energy works its magic far beyond the plant and animal level. Look at gravity. Gravity is the name we give to the force of mutual attraction that holds the cosmos together, but spiritual teachers throughout the ages have pointed out that magnetic pull is just another name for erotic love.

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