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To help give you some security we have moved our 2020 booking forward to 2021 and offer full flexibility to our bookings. 


About the YOGA & TANTRA retreat

Love, Light and F***ing Bright India 2021

Hello hello my beautiful tribe,

My excitement is rising for our gathering in the mystical land of colour and sun. As a yoga teacher and a devotee to the Tantric path, running a Yoga and Embodiment retreat is a gift that enables me to grow with you, my tribe, and the people I am most called to serve.

I promise to help you explore Yoga, healing practises, and yourselves in a transformative way that leaves you feeling that you have grown by leaps and bounds on and off the mat.

Good Vibes, Tanlines & a fuck lot of healing


Devarya Wellness in Goa

I teamed up with Devarya’s visionary team to create a balanced Yoga retreat, born from the desire to combine all the lovely things I have learned from attending and running retreats around the world and the deep love I have for India.

  • Devarya wellness is 7000 sq meters tropical Yoga retreat located in a seaside town in Goa and overlooking Morjim beach.
  • The property seamlessly blends the elements of a Goan Portuguese heritage with the aesthetics of Rajasthani royalty.
  • Devarya means “Divine Belief” in Sanskrit, and this beautiful sanctuary is designed to celebrate the colourful and mystical spirit of India. The property is set in lush green tropical gardens with two swimming pools and a stunning stretch of the Arabian sea.
  • The rooms and cottages are airy, vibrant, filled with natural light, and beautifully decorated. Each room is designed differently, the furniture handpicked and each room’s vibe reflects one of the 7 Chakras.
  • All rooms come equipped with a private bathroom, most with a private balcony, comfortable beds, spacious cupboards, fresh linen, a ceiling fan, an air conditioner and a mosquito net on request. 
  • The Chia Lounge is right on a stretch of private beach and serves tasty organic meals complete with superfood ingredients.
  • The Yoga shala is a rooftop haven that simply inspires you and invites you to roll the mat out and practise


WHAT IS the "Love, Light and F***ing bright" RETREAT ABOUT?

This retreat is an invitation for you to take a personal journey to connect to your self, your yoga practise, your sexuality, your body, your breath and find your balance in a profoundly transformative way.

More immersion than retreat, it's a week of deep involvement in mindful and consistent practices that merge Yoga with body movement, breath with energy,  tantra with neuroscience in the divinely mystical setting of an Indian paradise.

You will step out of everyday reality and show up for yourself in full permission to express whatever is there for you and whatever you never knew was there for you.

You will be taken on a journey where barriers come down in a space that holds sacred your wellbeing and everything that you will experience.

The holistic treatments on offer, in addition to the retreat schedule, will leave you with a clearer intention on how to go about this amazing journey we call life while celebrating your most precious expression of the human experience: your body and your sexuality.

There are two types of practises each day:

1- An embodiment, breathwork and meditation practise.

2- A yoga practise.

Both are designed to help you experience your body in a whole new way. To experience unapologetic self-love, and how to build mind blowing intimacy with yourself and others. Please note there will be no sexual practises or nudity, although you will be shown powerful tools from both tantra and neuroscience on how to heal deep wounds, rewire the nervous system, and dissolve the conditioning around your amazing sexuality and sexual expression.

and when it comes to the practise of Yoga, there is a potency to practicing  every day with a consistent group of practitioners under the guidance of the same teachers. It will shift your practice.

  • I offer to guide you through a powerful morning Yoga practise on the airy rooftop Yoga shala.
  • I will guide you through Inversions and arm balances workshops, as well as Yin and restorative Yoga masterclasses.
  • I will guide you through sunset yoga sessions on the beach and together we will explore Yoga movement diversity.
  • We will work with embodiment practises to shift emotions such as anger, fear, or numbness around certain emotions. we will learn to dial up the pleasure sensors and to be empowered sexual eternal beings.
  • Devarya’s talented chefs will cook for you deliciously organic wholesome food, fresh fruit juices and a healthy wellness buffet breakfast and Buffet evening meal with fresh salads and authentically prepared Indian delicacies, both in the Chia Lounge beach front restaurant .
  • An experienced team of holistic practitioners from India will offer you Ayurvedic and holistic treatments, Osho meditation classes, 9 different types of massage therapy from Zen-Shiatsu to tai massage, hot cupping, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and Reiki.
  • Our drivers will accompany you to the colourful markets, where fabrics and jewellery merge with spices and old textiles to create an explosion of colors.
  • The Arabian sea is 2 minutes away from your cottages, with a private beach access and loungers. The two swimming pools are sheltered by lush tropical gardens.
  • Finish off your evening with special sessions: music, meditation, kirtan, etc.

Love, Light and F***ing bright is a week getaway wellness immersion in keeping with the spirit of India. 

The schedule is a menu based timetable empowering you to pick and choose what works for you each day.

The program is open to all levels and all ages.


Standard Room

Shared (2 people sharing) - 900 GBP

Single – 1,150 GBP

Chakra Room

Shared (2 people sharing) – 1,150 GBP

Single – 1,350 GBP

Chakra Cottages

 (the perfect space for sharing the room with another)

Shared (2 people sharing) – 1,350 GBP

Single – 1,550

Royal Villa

The Royal villa is nothing short of divine! It embodies all that is magical and mystical about India. 

Built in huge bed, sunken bathtub, indoor and outdoor lounge, natural salt pool, 2 mins walk to the beach...

Your stay will leave you feeling like Rajasthani royalty.

Price is upon request.


YOGA  will be lead by me, and I cannot wait to share my practise with you.  

  • My lifelong practise took me to the path of a powerful and physically demanding practise that manages to dance beautifully with the philosophy of yoga and Tantra, it connects you to the power of your own body and opens your heart to healing. 
  • Each class is different, two hours long, an uplifting  flow that is both yin and yang without being too much of both. We focus on mindful movements through transitions from pose to pose, a choreographed dance lead by the breath, sprinkled with fun transition and inversions of all sorts. 
  • You have the option to practice twice a day or none a day, and our time on the mat will reflect and balance out the group dynamic as well as your personal needs. 
  • Your Yin Yoga class and a restorative class will be an opportunity to tune in, to allow the nervous system to have a break and to go deep into the stretches.
  • The music is a strong component of the classes. The vibe of the class can sometimes feel like you have one foot on the mat and one foot on the dance floor and at other times you are “bathed” in meditative sound waves.

EMBODIMENT & HEALING will be lead by me and a wonderful body healer. We will do inner child work and shadow work while working with the body and concepts around sexuality to develop a deep acceptance of your body and a celebration of your aliveness.

  • Inner child and shadow work
  • Tantra practises driven by the breath, embodiment meditation, and body movement therapy

and to take the edge off all this delicious deep work we have time on the beach, in the pool, in the colorful markets, ecstatic dancing and kirtan chanting, feasting on amazing food, and connecting with the ocean and with nature. 

Bottom Line: we like to have a good time.


Morning session (everyday), 7:30 to 9:30am  Powerful YMD lead flow

Afternoon session, 4pm – 6 pm  We alternate between various Tantric practises

Meditations & Other Sessions


Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is a state of deep sleep while you are awake. It is one of the deepest forms of meditation that leaves you feeling relaxed and energised.


Osho’s Kundalini meditation technique is a rejuvenating practise that infuses intense physical activity with emotional stimulation. Lasting for an hour, it includes 15 minutes of walking or shaking, 15 minutes of dancing, 15 minutes of sitting or standing and 15 minutes of stillness.


Kirtan is a form of devotional chanting and singing to traditional Indian music like the sitar and tabla. The Indian musical night is a great way to unwind and let go.


Hang is a beautiful steel instrument that makes enchanting music. The calming music of the Hang entices you to just drift away and lose yourself to the moment.


The chakras are important energy centers in your body and through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your chakras to enhance your physical and mental well-being.


Rewire your nervous system and dissolve your conditioning around sexuality and self love.  This deep work provides many many exercises and practises to lead you onto the path of an epic sexual life that takes you from feeling that you might not be good enough to feeling like you swim everyday in a vast ocean of love and empowerment

the optional pampering

These amazing treatments have been selected especially for you because of their therapeutic nature and the experience in itself is amazing! We will treat you to a complementary session on us, and whatever else you wish to try will will have to be pre-booked and payed for separately. 






















 (Unified approach to release stress, anxiety, depression or addictions)


The food


Oh my Buddha am I excited about the food!!

The Chia lounge is famous in Goa for its amazing food, and the team has put together the most delightful vegetarian menu to treat us to two amazing meals a day as well as superfood smoothies and juices.

Breakfast  -  9:45  am

Dinner       -  8 pm

  • Filtered drinking water & hot drinks including lemon ginger and chai will be served free of charge all day
  • We cater for any food allergies, nut allergies, gluten intolerance or any specific additions to your meals.
  • All meals are vegetarain but not gluten free, however we are more than happy to provide a gluten free and vegan option.
  • The menu is protein rich and very well balanced and healthy.

THE planned day out/OFF

We are planning a day out for you to visit the famous Indian Arjuna market.

  • Morning yoga practise 
  • Breakfast served as usual 
  • leave Devarya to head inland.
  • We will be dropped off at the entrance of the market and collected at the same place.
  • You will shop till your heart’s content and will literally drown in a sea of colors: beautiful leather and fabric, hand painted ceramics, jewelry, lanterns, hammocks, wooden articrafts and a million other things.
  • Dinner will be served once back to Devarya.

If you wish to take one afternoon or morning off from Yoga and head anywhere to explore, we will arrange for a taxi to collect you and bring you back safely.


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